Thursday, November 22, 2007


It's that time of year. You know...the one when Americans (and other nationalities of course) all get together and stuff themselves with dead ugly bird (better known as turkey), mashed potatos, stuffing (which I found out that I can't have because it has chicken broth...grr,) bread of all sorts, and pumpkin, depleted of all its nutrients, loaded with sugar, and baked. I love Thanksgiving.

I'll be going with my family to a friend's house tonight, and then tomorrow more families will be joining us for the whole eating thing. Oh, and we'll be saying what we're thankful for. (This is one of those traditions that has been going on for years.

SO. Instead of writing a are some pictures of what I am thankful for. I couldn't put up everything I am though...I would have used up all the bandwidth and risked the wrath of my parents.

Happy Turkey Day!


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